Up and running – CIRCUMNAVIGATOR then, now and forever!

Dear all readers, travellers and circumnavigators

About 5 years ago I was standing in front of a statue of James Cook in Christchurch on New Zealand. I said to myself: “what a cool title to have – CIRCUMNAVIGATOR!!!”.

James Cook Circumnavigator in New Zealand


I might not have found new land like James Cook or travelled many months over sea to set feet on new shores. But I did do the big circle around our earth in 2006/2007 – my circumnavigation. Before and after that I have explored several places on our beautiful world. And hopefully I will still do that many years from now.

I will in this blog tell about past, present and future travel experiences – and you never know, maybe another circumnavigation.

To travel is to live, and life is also a travel, so between all the fantastic stories about adventurous experiences – local or global, I will season the blog with small stories about life in general.

I hope that you will enjoy and thanks for following.

Best regards,


2 thoughts on “Up and running – CIRCUMNAVIGATOR then, now and forever!

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