Walking in Chiang Mai

Thailand 2014

Here in Chiang Mai just walking to work in the morning is an experience. I am going to stay in Chiang Mai for some months, so now I have decided to rent a scooter or motor bike, which mean that I probably won’t be walking to work from now on. Office is only 20-25 minutes from my apartment in Galae Thong Tower and I generally love walking because it gives me the freedom to go places where I can’t go on wheels and stop and examine things for a while. But with my own set of wheels, I will have the freedom to go farther away and adventuring outside the city.

Here in Chiang Mai, it seems that nobody walks over a distance of a few hundred meters. For many reasons, I guess. It is simply too hot to walk during midday in the sun. The sidewalks are sometimes non-existing or occupied with street kitchens or other stuff, so it can be dangerous being a pedestrian because you have to walk on the road. A scooter can transport more people – up to 4 persons I see very often, if you “pack” them good.

Actually taking one of the red common taxis, sorng-taa-ou, is fairly cheap – only 20 Baht to the Old City from where I live on Chang Klan Rd. or there are the small tuk-tuk’s, but they cost 100 Baht. But then you always have to negotiate and ask if they are heading your direction before you jump on.

Now I have rented my own set of wheels – a Honda Click scooter, which means no more or at least less walking in Chiang Mai. But here some images from my morning walk to work.

Blooming trees, smog in the air and child on motor bike.
blooming trees on Galae Thong road          Chang Klan road child on motorbike
Yaya restaurent and fruit shop.
YaYa restaurant and fruit shop Chiang Mai Land road          fruit shop Chiang Mai Land road
I think they sell food shop and pretty dresses shop.
I think they sell food shop Chiang Mai Land road          pretty dresses shop Chiang Mai Land road
Elephant Parade with Galae Thong Tower in the background, boiling mops and Love U Gallery.
Elephant Parade Chiang Mai Land road and Galae Thong Tower boiling floor mop Chiang Mai Land road Love U gallery Chiang Mai Land road
Spirit houses and Heaven – massage for men by men.
spirit house Chiang Mai Land road          Heaven massage for men by men Chaing Mai Land road
Squatters and riding in the back of a car.
squatters Chiang Mai Land road          riding in the back of car Chiang Mai Land road
Street kitchen, pet spa and Asia Evolution Tour office (my work place).
street kitchen Chiang Mai Land road pet spa Chiang Mai Land road Asia Evolution Tour office Chiang Mai Land road

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