How many countries did I actually visit?

Please see in the flash world map with all countries below.

I have visited 36 of 250 countries! That is 14.40% of the world!

I am so lucky that I have not only travelled many different countries around the world, but I have also lived and had an everyday life in some countries. Denmark is obvious – it is where my heart is. London in England I went to right after getting my High School (Gymnasium) Diploma and for 9 months worked as a kitchen assistant in a fancy hotel in Chelsea. In Lahti, Finland, I stayed 4 months while writing my Bachelor Thesis  about “Sustainability when arranging major winter sports events”.  I lived and worked as a sales representative in Germany from spring 2002 until autumn 2006, where I went on a half year Round The World travel. I have recently during spring 2014 lived and worked as a travel consultant 4 months in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

My own list of countries travelled with some extras:

1. Denmark (grew up, lived and travelled)

2. Sweden

3. Norway

4. Finland (lived)

5. Estonia

6. Russia

7. Poland

8. England (lived)

9. Scotland

10. Holland

11. Belgium

12. Germany (lived)

13. Austria

14. Switzerland

15. France

16. Spain

17. Portugal

18. Italy

19. Vatican City State (worlds smallest state)

20. Serbia

21. Greece

22. Turkey

23. U.A.E. – Dubai & Abu Dhabi

24. Indonesia

25. Australia

26. New Zealand

27. French Polynesia

28. Chile – Easter Island

29. United States of America

30. Mexico

31. Guatemala

32. Belize

33. Jamaica

34. Cuba

35. Egypt

36. Thailand (lived)

37. Malaysia

Can you recommend a new country to visit? Please write me why.

Please also feel free to ask for advice on travelling in any of the above countries.

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