CIRCUMNAVIGATOR blog has moved

Aarhus 2012

Circumnavigator Blog,, has moved to a site, or actually it is .dk for choosing Denmark as the host country for my travel society. The new address is

.DK for Denmark

But that doesn’t mean that I don’t want visitors and followers from other countries than Denmark. All my blog posts will still be in the best English I can do and after all travelling is a global interest – isn’t it?

The reason for choosing for CIRCUMNAVIGATOR

It was during my recent education in web administration that I chose to switch over to the solution for my travel blog. Mainly because it gives you so much more possibilities to design your own platform and society and then it is also good practice for what I learned during the education. So it was kind of making a new start and moving to a new land – which my adventurous spirit loves 😉

But as a told my teacher during the education, there are also some trade offs with choosing instead of The is more like a social network and global community with the integrated Follow, Like and Reblog buttons, whereas in you are a land of your own and have to work harder to bring your community to life.

How to follow

Of course I hope that my already followers and likers from will continue following and put the new URL in their reading list. Please see photo below on how to do this.

Follow on

Or you can also just press the RSS follow button  in the top right hand corner and sign up for receiving news in your mail box. If any of you readers have other ideas how to follow a blog or like a post on, then please let me know. Remember, I am still fairly new in this game.


I promise, I am still following all you guys – the writers and photographers, the food, culture and nature lovers and especially you fellow travellers. You all give me so much inspiration.

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