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Denmark 2013

Well, it’s probably no news under the autumn sun that I love travelling and thereby also arranging new travels. To get inspiration for my next destination, I watch documentaries about other countries, read travel books and magazines or even better follow and read travel blogs. There is something special about learning about new destinations from people who have actually been there themselves and are sharing it with the readers in their own personal way.

The coming weekend there is a travel fair in Copenhagen, Denmark. This one I’m not going to, even though it can also be a very good way to be inspired. ¬†Earlier today, I read that a Danish blogger was excluded from participating in this particular fair. He had booked a stand to tell the visitors about his travels in the USA and give advice on how to arrange your own road trip, what I personally thought was a great idea. But it seemed that some of the other exhibitors (travel agencies) didn’t find his ¬†presence valid or maybe his kind of ¬†competition was not what they needed.

To be honest, I do not understand at all how this can happen. OK, this travel blogger might undermine some of their business, by helping travellers to arrange themselves instead of through an agency. But what differs this kind of competition to the usual one from another agency in the travel industry offering more or less the same travels as your own.

In my humble opinion every travel agency should get down from their sometimes high “I’m the travel expert”-chair and invite their own guests to write and blog about the travels they have made. To hear from the real experts, i.e. the users, clients and guest of the hotels, airplanes, tours, restaurants, car rentals, activities etc. etc. what is good and what is bad. Instead of just getting their information from their own study tours where they are possibly treated a wee bit better than the “normal” traveller. Do as me – love travel blogs!

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Travel inspiration USA from travel fair in Denmark

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