The Queen’s summer house, Marselisborg Palace, on an autumn day

Aarhus 2012

Well, these days I’m a little low on money, so I decided to be adventurous in my home town. On a half sunny and half rainy autumn sunday I put on a pair of good walking boots and a warm jacket and brought nothing else but my iPhone in the pocket ready to shoot some photos.

Marselisborg Palace with sculpture

The park around H.R.H. Queen Margrethe II summer house in Aarhus, Marselisborg Palace, is open to public when she or the royal family is not residing there. And that for FREE!!!

Marselisborg Palace with the royal swimmingpool                    The herb garden with sculptural water bassin

Torso sculpture at Marselisborg Palace

I very soon had a sense that this is nothing like a normal public park. It was all very personal and I felt honoured to be able to walk around in the Queens garden.

The park is full of fantastic sculptures, many of them being personal presents to the queen and others even created from her husband, H.R.H. Prince Henrik.

The royal kitchen garden at Marselisborg Palace     The pond at Marselisborg Palace with sculpture

The herb garden with sculptures

The park and garden is set up in different themes. Close to the palace is the kitchen and herb garden. Further down the back is a valley of fruit trees and behind this is a large rose garden (I must go and see next summer when the roses are in full bloom). Another corner of the park is a part of Marselisborg forest with huge trees.

A hugging couple in the rose garden at Marselisborg Palace                    A sculpture close to the forest at Marselisborg Palace

A big blue vase in the Marselisborg Palace park

In front of Marselisborg Palace park is Mindeparken, a public park open year round, with view over the bay and the harbour of Aarhus.

The view from Marselisborg over the ocean and Aarhus harbour

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