Can travel blogging make you wealthy?

Denmark 2014

The short answer to this question is NO! But actually things have happened in my life within the last couple of days which shows that travel blogging possibly can bring you some extra plusses on the account, if not money wise then at least experience wise.

A couple of weeks ago CIRCUMNAVIGATOR was nominated in SUPERSAVER.DK’s TRAVEL BLOG AWARDS in the categories BEST TRAVEL BLOG and BEST TRAVEL DESCRIPTION OF 2013, and yesterday it was finalized that my blog has made it to the final round, which is absolutely amazing. Friends and family members have of course helped me in the nominating process – thank you very much for that!

But now I need all the votes I can get, so please go and vote for CIRCUMNAVIGATOR before the 23rd of February 2014. Click both images below, because I would really love to get your vote in both categories. And remember to confirm your vote. The confirmation email from SUPERSAVER might end in your spam box – it did for me… yes, I voted for myself… and yes, I’m 100% Danish, but not a great fan of the infamous Jantelov.

Vote for CIRCUMNAVIGATOR as Best Travel Blog 2013

1. Click on the banner below
2. Choose category BEDSTE REJSEBLOG (means BEST TRAVEL BLOG in Danish)
3. Mark as your favorite blog
4. Click “Stem” (means “Vote” in Danish)

Travel Blog Awards 2013!
På Supersaver tilbyder vi billige flyrejser jorden rundt med masser af forskellige flyselskaber!

Again, remember to confirm your vote.

Vote for MAGNETIC MENORCA by CIRCUMNAVIGATOR as Best Travel Description of 2013

1. Click on the banner below
3. Mark CIRCUMNAVIGATOR – Magnetic Menorca as the Best Travel Description of 2013
4. Click “Stem”

Travel Blog Awards 2013!
Er du på jagt efter fly til Barcelona Du finder det på Supersaver.

I will be very grateful for every little vote I get – THANK YOU friends and followers of CIRCUMNAVIGATOR.DK.

Can travel blogging bring you out traveling?

YES, it possibly can. If you remember, I mentioned above that things (in plural) have happened to me the last couple of days and that due to my travel blog. When I apply for a new job, I always remember to refer to my travel blog no matter which position I am applying for. Apart from all the other different qualifications I master, I am pretty sure that me telling about my different travel experiences through this media now finally have  landed me a very interesting job for some months in another country a lot warmer than Denmark at this time of year, but much more about this another time, I promise… 🙂

Can travel blogging make you wealthy?

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